Aim of the project:

Strengthening cooperation among European researchers




24 researchers from the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Georgia and Ukraine.



Research areas:

  • The nature of the legislative process adopted to amend the Constitution (in the light of European integration and constitutional identity);
  • Rule of law;
  • Administrative justice reform;
  • Efficiency of the justice system.



Planned results:

  • 6 scientific seminars,
  • international scientific conference,
  • peer-reviewed monography,
  • 24 dissemination events.



Management team:

dr hab. Marcin Wielec, prof. ucz. – Director, Institute of Justice in Warsaw
dr hab. Paweł Sobczyk, prof. ucz. – Deputy Director, Institute of Justice in Warsaw
dr Bartłomiej Oręziak – Head, Center for Strategic Analysis, Institute of Justice in Warsaw


Team leader:

dr hab. Jarosław Szymanek



dr Zbigniew Więckowski

Agata Wróbel