Open Scientific Seminar „Mediation – Legal Framework in Poland and Hungary and the Crucial Problems”

We are pleased to announce that the 2nd Open Scientific Seminar of the Mediation in Court Proceedings Team was held on Monday, August 29, 2022.


The topic of the Seminar:

Mediation – Legal Framework in Poland and Hungary and the Crucial Problems: Looking for Common Perspective




  1. Katarzyna Zombory – International Legal Framework Relevant to Court Proceedings and Mediation in International Child Abduction Cases
  2. Ádám Rixer – The Legal Background of Mediation within Administrative Court Proceedings
  3. Michal Peno – Restorative Justice  – Challenges of Instrumentalism
  4. Magdalena Kowalewska-Łukuć – Mediation in Polish Criminal Law  – Crucial Problems
  5. Ferenc Santa – The Place of Mediation and the Role of Victim in the Hungarian Legal Justice System
  6. Barbara Janusz-Pohl – Mediation and General Theory of Conflict Resolution (GTCR) from the Perspective of Victime-driven and Offender-driven Mediation – Polish Perspective


A recording of the Seminar is available below: