Open Scientific Seminar „Traditional and contemporary challenges”

We are pleased to announce that the Open Scientific Seminar of the Administrative Judiciary Team was held on Friday, September 30, 2022.

In the third open scientific seminar the research group “The Reform of the Administrative Judiciary” participants presented general rules and challenges regarding their research topic in comparative aspects too.


The topic of the Seminar:

Traditional and contemporary challenges





  1. András Patyi – Comparative analyses of the planned (and non-realized) Hungarian administrative court system with the Polish, the Czech and the Slovakian
  2. Gábor Hulkó – The creation of the Supreme Administrative Court in Slovakia
  3. Kitti Pollák – Current dilemmas regarding redress procedures in administrative court proceedings
  4. Przemysław Ostojski – Standards of judicial review according to case law of the federal courts of the USA
  5. Agata Kosieradzka-Federczyk – The criterion of access to an administrative court and the type of activity of the administration.
  6. Mateusz Pszczyński – The public at the online hearing as an implementation of openness of the court


A recording of the Seminar is available below: