Open Scientific Seminar – The Research Team Legal Protection of Older People

We are pleased to announce that the 2nd Open Scientific Seminar of the Legal Protection of Older People Team was held on Tuesday, August 30, 2022.





18.00-18.10: Wojciech Lis: Opening of the seminar

18.10-18.25: Walczuk Konrad: Older people as a group subject to special protection in the perspective of Art. 31 sec. 3 of the Polish Constitution

18.25-18.40: Benyusz Márta: The rights of elderly persons: protection and gaps in public international law

18.40-18.55: Wopera Zsuzsa: Protection of elderly in the field of judicial cooperation in civil matters

18.55-19.10: Osuchowska Marta: Older people and their needs as a challenge for education and socio-cultural animation

19.10-19.25: Lis Wojciech: Access of elderly people to health care services financed from public funds

19.25-19.40: Varadi-Csema Erika: The criminal activity in old age with special regards to the criminological aspects and to the reactions of criminal justice

19.40-20.00: Discussion on the issues presented

20.00-20.10: Free motions

20.10-20.15: Wojciech Lis, Closing of the seminar


A recording of the Seminar is available below: