Polish-Hungarian Research Platform 2022

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are very happy to announce that the official launch of the Polish-Hungarian Research Platform 2022 project will take place on 31 May 2022!

The aim of the project is to strengthen cooperation between researchers from Poland and Hungary and to develop within this cooperation: (a) proposals for an appropriate legal framework allowing the use of artificial intelligence solutions for legal use in Poland (domestic law: criminal law, civil law, administrative law; public and private international law), based on solutions developed in this field in Hungary; b) a proposal for an appropriate legal framework for facilitating administrative proceedings in Poland, based on solutions developed in this area in Hungary; c) proposal of an appropriate legal framework for increasing the effectiveness of protection of the elderly against current threats resulting from their functioning in the society in Poland (criminal law, civil law, administrative law), based on solutions worked out in this area in Hungary d) a proposal of solutions making it possible to increase the effectiveness and universality of mediation in court proceedings in Poland, with particular emphasis on mediation in civil and criminal proceedings, based on solutions worked out in this scope in Hungary.


The project is a continuation of last year’s Polish-Hungarian Research Platform 2021 project, about which we will still inform on our profile.
You are cordially invited!

Just click here: https://konrad894.clickmeeting.com/polish-hungarian-research-platform-2022-inauguration?_ga=2.58328424.398979803.1653480614-850276554.1653480614


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