About the project



Aim of the project:

To strengthen cooperation between scientists from Poland and Hungary.


Project participants:

12 scientists from Poland and 12 scientists from Hungary.



Research teams:

  • Legal protection of farmers;
  • Legal protection of children with disabilities;
  • Freedom of conscience in institutional aspect;
  • Cybercrime.



Project results:

  • 6 open scientific seminars,
  • 1 international scientific conference,
  • 4 scientific monographs,
  • 24 scientific articles,
  • 24 events promoting the project.



Project management:

Marcin Wielec, Ph.D., Prof. ucz. – Director of the Institute of Justice
Dr. hab. Paweł Sobczyk, prof. ucz. – Deputy Director of the Justice Institute
Dr. Bartłomiej Oręziak – Head of the Center for Strategic Analysis, Institute of Justice


Project coordinators:

Dr. Zbigniew Więckowski

& Agata Wróbel



Project partners:

  • Ferenc Mádel Institute of Comparative Law (HU).
  • University of Miskolc – Central European Academy (HU).