About the project



Project Objective:

Strengthening cooperation between scientists from Poland and Hungary.


Project Participants:

12 scientists from Poland and 12 scientists from Hungary.


Project members were selected through competitions.
Information about the competitions and their results:


Research Teams:

Artificial intelligence | Mediation | Protection of the elderly | Administrative justice


Project Outcomes:

5 open scientific seminars | 1 international scientific conference | 4 scientific monographs | 24 scientific articles | 24 events promoting the project


Project Management:

Prof. Marcin Wielec
Prof. Paweł Sobczyk
Mgr Bartłomiej Oręziak


Project Coordinator:

Dr Konrad Burdziak


Project Partners:

Institute of Justice in Warsaw (PL)
Ferenc Mádl Institute of Comparative Law (HU)
University of Miskolc – Central European Academy (HU)


Project Legal Basis:
Order of the Director of the Institute of Justice in Warsaw.

Zarządzenie IWS PHRP