Scientific monographs from the project “Polish-Hungarian Research Platform 2021”



The IWS Publishing House has published four scientific monographs, which are the culmination of the work of the Polish-Hungarian Research Platform 2021. The English-language publications deal with the legislative process of constitutional amendments, the rule of law, administrative court reform and judicial efficiency.


The international research project “Polish-Hungarian Research Platform” is a joint project of the Institute of Justice and the Ferenc Mádel Institute of Comparative Law in Budapest. The aim of this project is to revive international cooperation among lawyers and to develop new methods of drafting legislation. The publication of scientific monographs is the culmination of the 2021 international research and a major contribution to the legal debate of a changing Europe. – With our projects in Central Europe, we want to break the monopoly of Western European scientific centers,” points out Prof. Marcin Wielec, the Head of the Institute of Justice.


As part of the Polish-Hungarian Research Platform 2021 project, four international research teams were set up to study the nature of the legislative process for constitutional amendments (in light of European integration and constitutional identity), the rule of law; administrative court reform; and judicial efficiency.


The publications are available for free access on the website of the Justice Institute Publishing House:


Administrative Judiciary

Efficiency of the Judiciary

Rule of Law

The Character of Legislative process adopted to amend the constitution



Text by the researcher of the project “Polish-Hungarian Research Platform 2021” in the legal journal “Law in Action”

The text by Edit Írisz Horváth entitled Procedural Principles for Effective Legal Protection in Administrative Proceedings was published in the 50th issue of the quarterly Law in Action.












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