Impact of artificial intelligence on cybercrime

Artificial intelligence can be used by cybercriminals to automate their attacks and adapt their scenarios to a predetermined profile of victims, Prof. Agnieszka Gryszczynska said. Her lecture on the impact of artificial intelligence on cybercrime is available on the Justice Institute’s Youtube channel.


Last Open Scientific Seminars in December

We are honored to invite you to see the last Open Scientific Seminars of the Polish-Hungarian Research Platform project this year. Once again and for the last time, we met with the teams for Artificial Intelligence, Administrative Justice, Protection of Elderly and Mediation.

All seminars will be available online for free at the links indicated below. You are cordially invited!

Central Europe research platforms

As part of its international cooperation efforts, the Justice Institute organised a conference of the Polish-Croatian, Polish-Slovak and Polish-Ukrainian Research Platforms. Legal topics discussed included artificial intelligence, legal protection of older people, mediation and the administrative judiciary.

Artificial intelligence and protection of older people

Several dozen eminent scholars from Poland and Hungary summarised the research they conducted in 2022. An academic conference organised by the Justice Institute demonstrated among others the need for accelerating regulatory work on artificial intelligence and improving the legal protection of older people.   

International Scientific Conferences 21-23 November 2022

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are honoured to invite you to two International Scientific Conferences that will summarise the research carried out in the projects:

– Polish-Hungarian Research Platform;
– Polish-Croatian Research Platform;
– Polish-Slovak Research Platform;
– Polish-Ukrainian Research Platform.


Open Scientific Seminar “Special aspects of administrative justice”

We are pleased to announce that the Open Scientific Seminar of the Protection of the Administrative Justice was held on Friday, 28.10.2022 at 4:00 p.m.

The title of the seminar: Special aspects of administrative justice


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