Projekt „Zintegrowany System Zapobiegania Przemocy w Domowej”
jest organizowany przez Instytut Sprawiedliwości w Warszawie (organizator projektu) w partnerstwie z Uniwersytetem w Stavanger (partner projektu)


 About Norwegian Funds  


The Norwegian and EEA funds, i.e. the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism, are a form of non-returnable foreign aid granted by Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein to new EU members. These funds are related to Poland’s accession to the European Union and the simultaneous accession of our country to the European Economic Area (EU + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway).


In the new funding period (2014-2021), € 2.8 billion will be made available to the 15 Member States of the European Union to reduce social and economic disparities and strengthen bilateral relations with the three donor countries.


On May 3, 2016, agreements were signed between Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and the European Union on Norwegian and EEA funds for the period from May 1, 2014 to April 30, 2021.

In the new financing period for 2014-2021, Poland will remain the largest beneficiary of Norwegian and EEA funds – the allocation provided for our country is EUR 809.3 million.


In particular, initiatives in the field of innovation, research and education will be supported. The key thematic areas will also include: energy security, climate change and increased cooperation between Poland and the donor countries in the field of justice and home affairs.


The main goals of the Norway Grants and EEA Grants are:


  • contributing to reducing economic and social disparities within the European Economic Area and;
  • strengthening bilateral relations between donor and beneficiary states.


Applicants may be private or public entities, commercial or non-commercial, and non-governmental organizations established as a legal entity in Poland, as well as intergovernmental organizations operating in Poland. For each of the programs, a catalogue of entities that will be able to apply for funding will be established.


Norwegian funds contribute to the improvement of the functioning of the system of counteracting domestic violence at the municipal level through the development of prevention and support for families at risk of violence.


Norwegian funds contribute to the development of better solutions in the field of domestic violence prevention through the cooperation of scientists and practitioners from Poland and Norway.


More information about the Norwegian Funds: