Projekt „Zintegrowany System Zapobiegania Przemocy w Domowej”
jest organizowany przez Instytut Sprawiedliwości w Warszawie (organizator projektu) w partnerstwie z Uniwersytetem w Stavanger (partner projektu)


 Justice program



The Justice Program aims to support the rule of law. It covers two areas of support: prison services and pre-trial detention, and combating domestic violence and gender-based violence. The program operator is the Ministry of Justice. The budget is EUR 68.5 million, including: EUR 58.2 million from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and EUR 10.3 million – national contribution.


The program partners are:


Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security (Justis- og beredskapsdepartementet) beredskapsdepartementet)


Norwegian Directorate for Correctional Service / Kriminalomsorgen


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