Law Leaders Lab


Law Leaders Lab is a modern form of educating future state elites, which can benefit from the knowledge and experience of current leaders of law, politics and economy. The program is addressed primarily to students and young graduates of law studies. The lecturers include lecturers of the most renowned Polish universities, as well as practitioners in the field of public service, including ministers and deputy ministers, senior state officials responsible for important areas of the state’s functioning, in particular in the area of justice.


Subsequent editions of the Lab are constantly growing in popularity, therefore, in order to meet the expectations of the Program’s recipients, we offer the possibility of applying to one of the three Programs prepared by us:


  •  The Student Junior program is a chance for a dream start for people starting their adventure with studies. Therefore, we invite students of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year to participate in it.


  •  The Student Senior program is dedicated to people entering the legal market. We invite 4th and 5th year students to participate in it.


  •  The Main Program is addressed to law graduates, trainees and assistants to judges, prosecutors and representatives of other legal professions.


Law Leaders Lab is the unique opportunity to improve their skills,  available to both students and graduates of law and other faculties, as long as it would be justified by their involvement in the indicated area.

The program includes seven training sessions held in or around Warsaw, the Summer School, and the Social Project.


Project participants will receive a certificate confirming their completion of the program, and outstanding students will also receive a unique opportunity to undergo an internship at the Ministry of Justice or the Institute of Justice.


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