From the Author


This handbook is specifically aimed at married couples. Any married person (as well as people in other types of relationships, while in the text they are collectively referred to as “people in romantic relationships”) can benefit from the information placed in it, as well as those who want to support relationships between partners and, through their improvement, counteract domestic violence. This publication is divided into five parts.


After reading the first one, one can understand why relationships should still be treated as an undervalued investment. It is there that key concepts such as “relational poverty,” “relational goods” and “relationship quality” are explained in order to understand the topic.


The second part offers examples of specific initiatives against domestic violence undertaken in Poland. They are divided into several groups due to the different initiators, which include state and municipal bodies and NGOs leading the way. Also included there are examples of relationship support tools that can be found in the relational market.


The third chapter is devoted primarily to those sectors whose involvement in improving the quality of relationships of a family nature and preventing domestic violence is niche. In addition to existing solutions, considerable attention was given to measures that could be implemented by cultural and educational institutions, places of employment, religious communities and medical facilities.
The fourth chapter focuses on the municipality, which can become one place that initiates and supports relational ventures. Accordingly, its various sections provide guidance related to the main stages of implementing the various initiatives.


The last chapter, preceding the summary and bibliography, which can be consulted by those wishing to explore the topic in greater depth, is focused on relational support initiatives, which are largely applied outside the country. Their target audience was not only those in relationships, but also those who are yet to do so.