Scientific research delegation in Norway


Scientific and research visit of a delegation from the Institute of Justice to the University of Stavanger. The meetings in Norway are an important stage of the international research project entitled. “Integrated System for Counteracting Domestic Violence.”


During the Polish-Norwegian meetings on November 24-25, 2022, current organizational matters related to the continuation of the project conducted by the Justice Institute and the University of Stavanger within the framework of the Justice Program were discussed. One of the goals of the scientific and research visit was to improve bilateral relations between the Polish and Norwegian sides, as well as to strengthen research cooperation between IWS and the project partner.


On the first day, a delegation from the Institute for Justice visited Visiting Alternative to Violence (ATV), which is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that provides treatment and professional expertise on violence, with a particular focus on domestic violence. ATV was founded in 1987 and is the oldest organization of its kind in Europe. In almost 30 years, the organization has been spreading awareness of domestic violence as a social problem. During the visit, the IWS representative spoke with ATV staff about supporting victims and perpetrators of domestic violence, as well as psychological therapy for adult, child and teenage victims of domestic violence.


On the second day of the visit, the IWS delegation participated in executive-level discussions, as well as scientific research meetings at the University of Stavanger. The research teams (Polish and Norwegian) discussed substantive issues of the integrated domestic violence prevention model and potential challenges with its implementation. The discussions also touched on management and administrative issues aimed at improving Polish-Norwegian cooperation in the project.


The Institute of Justice during the delegation in Stavanger was represented by IWS director Dr. Marcin Wielc, Prof. UKSW, IWS deputy director Dr. Paweł Sobczyk, Prof. UO, coordinator of the Center for Strategic Analysis Dr. Bartłomiej Oręziak, Polish-Norwegian project management MA Klaudia Łuniewska, Julia Starybrat, promotion and information specialist MA Joanna Tomczuk, and a representative of the research team – MA Samuel Owusu. On the part of the project partner, the substantive meeting was attended by members of the Norwegian research team, including Prof. Ingunn Studsrød, Prof. Kathrine Skoland and Prof. Brita Gjerstad.



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