Municipality of Miłki – “Miło, milej, Miłki – a violence-free zone”


The project ” Miło, milej, Miłki – a violence-free zone is implemented within the framework of the Justice program. It is innovative because it implements preventive measures that have never before been carried out in the Miłki Municipality. Its goal is to reduce the phenomenon of domestic violence and raise awareness of the issue among the residents of the municipality. Implementation of the project will last from January to December 2023. Funds have been allocated from Norwegian funds and national funds in the total amount of PLN 288,017.50.    


As part of the project, a Center for Families has been established, which operates according to the so-called integrated model. This means that all services are provided by specialists from various institutions/organizations in one place – in the building at Szkolna 3.


The Center for Families consists of:

  • Social Welfare Center,
  • Interdisciplinary Team for the Prevention of Family Violence,
  • Communal Commission for Solving Alcohol Problems,
  • Team of Educational Institutions,
  • Addiction Therapy Consultation Point,
  • Psychological Assistance Point,
  • Happy Seven Foundation.


Project activities are versatile and aimed at every age group of residents of the Municipality of Miłki. Universal prevention (through a wide promotional block) and indicative prevention (through the selection of specific participants in the activities) are applied.


The Center for Families provides for the following activities:


– Parent’s Club, which includes cyclical meetings on various topics, club members can use the so-called Time Bank, leaving their children in the care of an animator, and go on “Renewal Dates” themselves. Two excursions have also been planned for club members. Participation is expected to improve family ties by spending active time together.


– The Psychological Help Desk includes a series of individual or marriage/partnership meetings with a specialist. During consultations, the participant can get help in solving problems or acquire knowledge on how to deal with possible problems in the future.


– Self-defense course; a month-long training aimed at developing specific reflexes and the ability to act logically in a difficult situation.


– Training for teachers on practical implementation in procedures for setting up Blue Cards, recognizing domestic violence, and educating children about violence.


– A promotional block is being implemented through the distribution of posters and leaflets debunking myths and taboo topics. A “welcome sign” will be placed to promote the project. In December, on the other hand, an open-air celebration of the “White Ribbon” day is planned, during which representatives of the project will distribute symbols of the action and provide information on the prevention of domestic violence so that it reaches, the widest possible audience. Project activities will also be disseminated through local media.


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