Law in Action quarterly included in ERIH PLUS


We are pleased to announce that the Institute of Justice quarterly journal Prawo w Działaniu (English title: Law in Action) has been included in the European Reference Index for the Humanities and the Social Sciences (ERIH PLUS)


ERIH PLUS is a database of European academic journals in the field of humanities and social sciences. All journals included in ERIH have to meet certain scholarly thresholds. The index was created to increase the global visibility of humanities and social sciences research across Europe and to facilitate access to scientific journals published in all European languages. The database is constantly updated and the journals included in it are evaluated for compliance with mandatory standards and citation levels.


Law in Action is a journal focusing on public and private law. Thanks to the unique value of the published content, Law in Action enjoys a well-deserved position among the best legal and academic periodicals in Poland. The journal presents results of studies on the quality of law and its application by justice bodies, based on such sources as case files of court or prosecutorial proceedings. Law in Action also publishes reports from criminology studies devoted to exposing the causes of (and describing trends in) criminality, anti-crime policies and juvenile delinquency. Starting from Volume 35, each issue of Law in Action also includes scholarly articles presenting proposals of legislative amendments to existing legal instruments (