Międzynarodowa Konferencja Naukowa ‘Penalization of international crimes in national law’


The International Scientific Conference entitled ‘Penalization of international crimes in national law’ was held on 14-15 June 2021. The event was held within the framework of the Project: “Polish contribution to the development of international criminal law, including contribution to the trial of international crimes”, the implementation of which was provided by the Center for Strategic Analysis of the Justice Institute.

The event was held by means of distance communication.


The purpose of the conference organized by the Justice Institute was to reflect on the following questions:


  • To what extent are international crimes recognized in national legislation? How does national law define international crimes, including both core crimes (i.e. crime of aggression, genocide, genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes) as well as other treaty crimes (e.g. torture or apartheid)? Are there any alterations of definitions of international crimes and what are the consequences?
  • Are there any inconsistencies between international law and national law in terms of defining principles of responsibility for international crimes?
  • Do states take into account the impact of customary law on the shape of international criminal law in framing their national legislation?
  • What are the models of criminalization of international crimes and what are their respective advantages and disadvantages?
  • What are the main problems related with the prosecution of international crimes in national proceedings?
  • Should a distinction be drawn between historic and contemporary crimes concerning their penalization?
  • Are there crimes in national law which are considered to have international character despite the lack of criminalization in international law?
  • Are the Nuremberg Principles and principles of the Rome Statute reflected in national law?


The conference focused on providing a platform for the exchange of ideas where event attendees could contribute their voice to the discussion.



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