International Scientific Conference „The Right to Privacy in the Digital Age – in general terms”


On June 1, 2022, the International Scientific Conference entitled “The Right to Privacy in the Digital Age – in general terms” will be held at the Institute of Justice in Warsaw. The event will be organized as part of the Central European Professors’ Network, coordinated by the University of Miskolc – Central European Academy.


The right to privacy is of particular value for the life of a human being. The protection of private life has been ensured by a number of regulations, including national and international ones. The right to privacy has been placed in the most important documents concerning human rights, but also confirmed by the constitutions of modern states, and included in the national legal orders. The constant development of new technologies and the progressive digitization of subsequent areas of human life have led to the emergence of the information society. The development of IT and ICT solutions, as well as the transfer of individuals’ lives to the virtual space, in addition to the benefits associated with it, has also led to the emergence of new threats to the right to privacy. It is necessary to provide adequate guarantees of the right to privacy and legal mechanisms for the legal protection of private life.



The thematic scope of the conference will focus on current issues related to the right to privacy and the dissemination of new technologies, as well as the development of the information society. During the conference proceedings, attention will be paid in particular to the current challenges and problems facing the right to privacy in the era of socio-economic changes that have occurred over recent decades due to the digital revolution. The conference will discuss current issues related to the right to privacy and the development of new technologies, as well as the emergence of the information society. As part of the conference, universal standards regarding the right to privacy will be presented, as well as the problems faced by legislators and the judiciary of Central European countries. Particular attention will be paid to determining the limits of the right to privacy, as well as ensuring effective mechanisms of legal protection that can be introduced into national legal orders. During the conference, the challenges and legal solutions functioning in the countries of Central Europe, including Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia will be presented.


During the event, prominent practitioners and scientists specializing in the protection of human rights, but also in other legal branches, will take the floor, which will ensure the extension of the context of the right to privacy to other areas of law, thanks to which the entire spectrum of the problem will be presented.


Participation in the event is possible after prior registration and confirmation from the Institute of Justice. Registration can be made until May 26, 2022 via this link:


We encourage you to read the event agenda, as well as the conference brochure, which contains detailed information about the speakers.


We cordially invite you to participate in the event.




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