Scientific monograph entitled “The energy market. Preventing the causes of crime “- a new publication of the Institute of Justice Publishing House



We would like to kindly inform you that the scientific monograph entitled: “The energy market. Preventing the causes of crime ” has been published by the Publishing House of the Institute of Justice.


The scientific monograph is a result of analytical work undertaken by the Implementation Team as part of the Law, economy and technology for the prevention of the causes of crime Project organized by the Institute of Justice in the field of the energy market.

The study touches upon significant and current issues related to counteracting energy crime and methods of preventing its causes. The energy sector is one of the most important pillars of the Polish economy, which affects the proper and safe functioning of the state. For this reason, the subject matter deserves special attention from practical, theoretical and legislative point of view. Effective elimination of crime in the energy market requires the formulation of specific methods of combating this type of activity, and in particular, the indication of appropriate preventive measures. The solutions proposed in this study constitute important voice in the discussion on the changes that Polish economic criminal law should undergo and which issues should be addressed by lawmakers in terms of increasing the security of the energy sector.

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