Scientific Conference “Legal Aspects of the Prevention of Domestic Violence”


The Justice Institute invites you to participate in scientific conference: “Legal aspects of domestic violence prevention”.


The conference will be organised on 12 April 2024 within the framework of the research project entitled. “Integrated Domestic Violence Prevention”, which is conducted by the Institute of Justice in cooperation with the Norwegian University of Stavanger.


The aim of the conference is to raise public awareness of the phenomenon of domestic violence, as well as to inform the public about the project carried out in Polish-Norwegian cooperation and to popularise information about the Justice Programme. – This programme aims to improve the protection of families by implementing an integrated system for the prevention of domestic violence. The aim of the project is to create a model for the prevention of violence, test it and then implement and put it into practice.


In recent years, the phenomenon of domestic violence has increased in most European countries, so there is an urgent need to find comprehensive solutions to the emerging problem. Experts point out that the best way to tackle the phenomenon is through prevention and not just by reacting to the effects of violence. It is therefore very important to increase vigilance not only at the stage when families are in immediate danger of domestic violence, but much earlier. The idea of the project is to take preventive measures that should be implemented as systemic solutions at the local level. Indeed, a key element of the project is the development of a system of integrated solutions for the prevention of domestic violence, which could be implemented on a large scale after a test phase in selected municipalities.


The Justice Programme is financed by Norwegian and national funds. The conference will be held at the premises of the Justice Institute at 25 Krakowskie Przedmieście Street in Warsaw. Representatives of Polish and foreign research centres, including distinguished practitioners and scientists specialising in social sciences such as sociology or legal sciences, will speak during the debate.


Registration of papers is open until 1 April:


Participation in the event is possible after registering in advance and receiving confirmation from the Institute for Justice. Registration can be made via this link until 7 April 2024:




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