Jurisprudence of district military courts in political matters – an attempt to settle accounts from the perspective of transitional justice







  1. Identification of the shortcomings of the applicable law in the field of political settlement.
  2. Establishing obstacles in the applicable law which make it impossible to fully settle the jurisprudence of district military courts in political matters.
  3. Formulating proposals for changes in the applicable law, which would allow for the elimination from legal circulation of judgments violating the rights of victims of the communist system in political matters.
  4. The proposed research project is aimed at conducting research aimed at making a critical in-depth description of the current state, conducting an evaluation of the works performed on the above-mentioned area and identification of the need for further work.
  5. The objective scope of the initiative is primarily an analysis of the applicable law, a comparative analysis, and preparation of a draft amendment to the law.


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