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Prevention of domestic violence is an issue that is reflected in many branches of law. This paper presents a selection of practical sample letters arising from both substantive and formal law. In the first place, patterns from the field of criminal law and procedure were shown. In these templates, first of all, the rights of the wronged party in the above-mentioned proceedings are included, including the possibility of reparation of damages and compensation for the harm suffered, or possible punitive measures. Also pointed out is the possibility of the victim acting as an auxiliary prosecutor, which has the effect of increasing his rights in the pending proceedings, as well as the possibility of action by social organizations.


The second part presents specimens of administrative law and administrative and judicial-administrative procedure. First, sample templates of annexes to the data protection policy are presented, followed by templates in the field of social assistance available to a victim of domestic violence and the relevant measures in the administrative and judicial-administrative procedure.


The last part of the study contains templates in the field of civil law and family law and civil procedure, respectively. In the first place, sample contract templates are presented, which can be helpful in the field of measures to counter domestic violence. In addition, the relevant civil and family law remedies are shown, along with selected references to the recognition and enforcement procedure.


In the case of most of the templates, the relevant references to the legal basis have been presented, which should make it easier to edit the template in a specific case on the basis of its unbuilt facts. At the same time, selected excerpts from court decisions interpreting the legal bases used in these templates have also been cited.




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