COFOLA conference EU Green Policy – Law, Finance and Innovation

Format of the event: Online or in-person

Date of the event: 24 April 2022

Language of the event: English

Venue: MS Teams

MUNLAWS 2022 Conference

Format of the event: in-person

Venue: Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana.

Date of the event: between 11 and 13 November 2022

Language of the event: English

Current Challenges of Environmental Law from a Human Rights Perspective

The importance of the protection of the environment is by now recognized on a global level, and the challenges that environmental changes pose to humankind are targeted by the instruments of international law, as it is shown by the variety of international environmental treaties. Apart from international treaties, however, an even more protective approach is needed, in order to reverse or slow down certain environmental processes that might cause huge damages for the planet. Such an approach could be guaranteed by the international human rights system, as it offers sophisticated legal and extra-legal mechanisms that could be applied for environmental issues: harms, such as pollution, explosion, dumping, emission of hazardous materials, etc. could be addressed through human rights forums, as these problems interfere with the values that human rights are desgined to protect.

“Children rights – Family values – Parental custody”

The Central European Academy pleased to inform you that you are cordially invited to attend and participate the International Webinar Conference For Doctoral Students forum which offers unique opportunities to share your ideas. Transform your research and best practices into a presentation on “Children rights – Family values – Parental custody” and be one of the shapers of the webinar event!

Constitutional Values

February 24     15:00 – 17:00

In the framework of this international scientific webinar the lecturers will give presentations regarding their article published in the Central European Journal of Comparative Law. The issues concerned in the course of this webinar will be primarly the christian values and fundamental rights in the constitutions of the states examined.

International Investment Law and EU Law: Dialogue or Confrontation?

Format of the event: Webinar

Date of the event: 27 January 2022

Language of the event: English

Venue: Budapest (Hungary)

The Development of Integration Theories in East Central Europe

Format of the event: Webinar

Date of the event: 14 January 2022

Language of the event: English

Venue: University of Miskolc (Hungary)

Central European Journal of Comparative Law – 20 punktów !

Uprzejmie informujemy, że zgodnie z  treścią Komunikatu Ministra Edukacji i Nauki z dnia 1 grudnia 2021 r. w sprawie wykazu czasopism naukowych i recenzowanych materiałów z konferencji międzynarodowych, czasopismo naukowe Central European Journal of Comparative Law uzyskało 20 punktów!

The Ferenc Mádl Institute of Comparative Law kindly informs comparative law enthusiasts and all interested readers, including both the representatives of legal academia and legal practitioners, that within the framework of the Central European Professors’ Network, a new English-language and Central Europe-focused book has been published on four different issues:

Social Media, Democracy and Freedom of Expression

December 14 @ 17:0018:30

Place of the event: Faculty of Humanities, Charles University

Format of the event: Conference

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