Polish contribution to the development of international criminal law, including contribution to the trial of international crimes


The main goal of the Project is to raise awareness among domestic and foreign lawyers, historians, political scientists, as well as people from outside the scientific circles (journalists, politicians, diplomats) about the contribution of Polish scientists to the development of international criminal law and Polish experience in the field of trial and other forms of accounting for crimes international.


The key aspect of the Project implementation is the analysis of the contribution of Polish lawyers to the development of international criminal law,  dissemination and promotion of Poland’s achievements in this discipline of science, as well as an indication of how the current regulations of Polish law comply with the requirements of international law. The dissemination of knowledge and achievements in this field may, in a broad spectrum, affect the prevention of the causes of crime through changes in various areas of life, e.g. in the field of education or legislation, which may contribute to the minimization and elimination of negative phenomena that threaten peace in the country and in the world.


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