Summary of the debate “Asylum and refugees – legal affairs


“Refugee Legal Affairs” and “Migration Legal Affairs” are the titles of two discussion panels within the HARD-TALK “Asylum and refugees – legal affairs” Students and master’s degree candidates from the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw took on the roles of panelists.


The debate was a dissemination event for Bartłomiej Oręziak, PhD in connection with the activities of the research group ‘Migration Challenges – Legal Responses’ within the Central European Professors’ Network.


During the first panel, “Refugee Legal Affairs” speakers addressed issues related to defining the concept of a refugee in international law, analyzing the rights of refugee families. In the context of existing principles of granting asylum and subsidiarity, the specific areas of migration law regulated at the European Union level were distinguished from those left to the discretion of member states. The panel also discussed the practical application of artificial intelligence as support in the asylum process and the integration of refugees into host societies.


In the second panel titled “Migration Legal Affairs” panelists discussed migration policy and actions aimed at protecting the rights of refugees in light of the regulations in force in the European Union. Importantly, the panel analyzed actions and regulations that should be undertaken to effectively counter human trafficking and the exploitation of refugees. Additionally, the consequences of using artificial intelligence algorithms in risk assessment and predicting migration trends were addressed.


The entire event was hosted and moderated by Bartłomiej Oręziak, PhD.


The event was organized as part of the activities of the Central European Professors’ Network coordinated by the Central European Academy.



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